About Linda Kovacevic

After 15 years of mainly living abroad, I have settled in Wageningen with my family. One of the reasons we chose to live in Wageningen is the beautiful surroundings. Walking in the forest or along the transitions between forest and field is my favorite. The connection with nature gives me more peace and energy. It’s also the place I teach Slow Sports classes

Good food is, and has always been an important part of my life, not least because my (Croatian) father was a chef in my youth. The first thing I think about when people visit is: what am I going to bake, and then what am I going to cook? I have taught myself baking over the years. It’s something where I can express my creativity, both in coming up with flavor combinations and the appearance of my baked goods. During my walks, I like to discover new edible flowers, plants, and fruits that I can use in baking. Since 2019, I have started baking sourdough bread. A steep learning curve but one that also gives me a lot of satisfaction. On my Instagram account barefoot_baker_, I share my baked goods with the world. 

I have a BSc in Nutrition & Dietetics. In 2022, I completed the certified postgraduate program for Lifestyle Coach, a course where my educational background and interests beautifully converged.

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Some more facts about me: 

  • I prefer cookies over cake. 
  • My favorite color is green. 
  • I like to walk barefoot. 
  • As an expat, I have lived in Tel Aviv, Vienna, and New Rochelle, NY. 
  • My favorite spring scent is the smell of tilia/linden blossom
  • I have moved more than 20 times in my life. 
  • My four sons have their birthdays within a month. 
  • I studied Near Eastern Archaeology (part-time) at Leiden University for 8 years (did not graduate). 
  • I find it difficult to follow recipes without making adjustments. 
  • I am highly sensitive. 

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About ‘De gele deur leefstijlcoaching’

The name ‘De gele deur’ means ‘The yellow door’. It is literally inspired by my front door, which we painted a cheerful traffic yellow some years ago. A color that, in turn, is inspired by the color of our kitchen. And because apparantly yellow is the new color in my life, I upholstered the vintage couch we found on Marktplaats with yellow fabric. Next step: upholstering the two matching armchairs!”